About us

Our background and our mission

Green Century Foundation was originally founded close to the shores of the Rhine River in Germany to assist companies with the practical implementation of the EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED I ) sustainability criteria in their companies. Today we act with partners around the globe to help companies adjust to the new requirements and challenges of the RED II. Trough many years of auditing experience in certification's systems such as ISCC EU & ISCC PLUS, REDcert EU & REDcert2 and the SURE EU system we do understand their complex requirements.

From our over 12 years of experience in the market, we understand that sometimes it is very difficult to find a competent contact which recognizes the individual needs of a company and to adapt those to the requirements of RED II. Therefore, it is our aim to understand the processes in a company down to the smallest detail, so that we can generate a tailor-made solution. As far as possible, the processes of the respective companies should remain unchanged.

Green Century Foundation sees itself as a service provider that closes the consulting-gap that exists because accredited certification bodies are not allowed to provide consulting services. Due to this fact, a difficult situation for companies has arisen since qualified consulting and training services are difficult to find in the international market.

Regardless of certification services, we also offer our assistance in supporting greenhouse gas calculations, land use (change) issues, biodiversity issues, no-go areas, and sustainable supply chains in general.

Furthermore, we have experience in consulting and in developing certification systems and cooperation with national and international institutions. In addition to this in the past we have co-founded two certification bodies which included the recognition by the relevant German Ministry.

We are also available for mediation and act as independent advisory board in certification bodies.